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Catastrophe Services

The ability to rapidly respond to policyholders in catastrophes and natural disasters is vital to maintaining their trust. LYNX Services is prepared to manage various catastrophe situations including hurricanes, ice storms, hail storms, tornadoes, earthquakes and other unexpected natural disasters.

We activate our formalized ramp-up procedure upon notice of an impending mega-CAT event. This includes mobilizing and training additional staff, which allows us to connect with several hundred policyholders at once during a widespread crisis.

When disaster strikes, LYNX is prepared.

Catastrophe events require immediate action and expert handling. Here are some statistics to prove LYNX Services is always up to the task. And, during both of these scenarios, we were able to maintain consistent service for all our FNOL customers - those affected by these events, as well as those clear across the country.

2012 Superstorm Sandy 2005 Hurricane Season