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Property Claims

Discover our unique solutions for property claims management.

A home or business is one of the most important investments a person can make. So when property damage occurs, it can cause immense heartache and financial hardship for that policyholder. It may also present problems for insurers, such as paying out losses without sufficient pricing verification and independent, expert review.

To help manage the core business process challenges faced by property insurers, LYNX Services and i3 Group have partnered to deliver process and cycle time advantages, efficiency and productivity gains, and indemnity savings with the following solutions:

eProperty Solutions™

Leveraging our best-in-class claims management capabilities with i3 Group’s innovative process measurement techniques led to the development of eProperty Solutions. The only event-driven property vendor management solution within the U.S., this unique technology platform can be seamlessly integrated into an insurer’s claims management and estimating software environment.

eProperty Solutions offers:

  • 24/7/365 workflow management - We provide prompt, reliable communication throughout the life cycle of a property claim
  • Centralized servicing platform - We proactively manage “changing events” throughout the claim process where many key drivers of policyholder satisfaction/retention are found
  • Real-time, data-driven measurement of insurer-specific KPIs - With drill-down capabilities, including a robust scorecard and consultative analysis to drive continuous improvement
  • Loss types - Water, fire, wind/hail, theft/vandalism, earthquake/sinkhole

From First Notice of Loss through residential and commercial property repairs, eProperty Solutions drives workflow efficiencies, productivity gains, improvements in key performance indicators and enhanced levels of business profitability.