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LYNXAdvantage™ Repair Referral Program

If you want all the advantages of a highly managed, contracted network of qualified service providers, but would prefer to handle the tasks associated with the repair process internally, we offer the LYNXAdvantage™ Repair Referral Program.

Use our national network to find the right auto body repair service provider. We’ll even have our licensed adjusters audit estimates to minimize repair costs before turning the process over to your internal team. Rely on the LYNX team to provide indemnity cost control and enhance policyholder satisfaction.

LYNXAdvantage Repair Referral Program
How You Benefit
  • Managed network of over 3,500 contracted auto body repair service providers
  • Audit of all estimates and supplements to your guidelines
  • Customer satisfaction with the choice of shopping through a qualified and managed auto body repair network
  • Repair cost control
  • Reduce IA usage